3 and 4 - day intensive, revision courses, from 9.30am to 3.30pm, to be held in the Conference Centre of St. Paul's Church, St. Albans.

There will be 3 individual courses over 3 separate weeks :–

        • 1 dedicated to the 11+ requirements for Henrietta Barnett School, Hampstead
        • 1 dedicated to the 11+ requirements for Parmiter’s School
        • 1 dedicated to the 11+ requirements for Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet.

Please note the exam requirements for each of these schools are substantially different. When booking, please select the correct course. If you have any doubts, please ring first.


The 11+ course will not only consolidate but also widen the knowledge base of pupils in order that they are more equipped to answer the very challenging Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning exam questions (depending on the school to which you are applying). The focus is being exam prepared, and ensuring there are no gaps in any previous, private tutoring. The exam on the final day will provide experience of the first public examination for many pupils, under real exam conditions, and will be a true indicator of future performance.

The intensive courses will be conducted in small classes of a maximum of 12 children, using dedicated resources and unique, proven teaching methods by a highly accomplished teaching professional (see ).

The courses are only open to those candidates who have completed year 5 and seeking to apply to one of the above schools. Please do not apply if you do not fit these criteria .

What the course entails?

        1. 3 days of intensive preparation (9.30am – 3.30pm) and 4 days in the case of HBS
        2. All learning materials and equipment
        3. Exam tips and strategies, timing and confidence boosts
        4. 11+ Mock exams on the final day
        5. Study pack and tips for further practice
        6. A feedback consultation with parents on the final afternoon

Homework will be given each day to be completed for the next day. Therefore, a level of commitment is necessary, from both parent and child, if the course is to achieve maximum benefit for each individual.


This process provides an excellent opportunity for children to sit real exams in a test environment. In addition, professional tutoring will expand their knowledge base in preparation for secondary school, through prerequisite life skills of personal organisation, self-motivation, and a quest to always strive for the best.


Week 1: Mon 05/08 – Thurs 08/08 - Henrietta Barnett School, Hampstead * BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED

Week 2: Mon 12/08 – Wed 14/08 - Parmiter’s School, Garston BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED

Week 3: Mon 19/08 – Wed 2108 - Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnett BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED

* Please note the HBS course is a 4 day course to cover the extra components in the syllabus.

Should a course becomes heavily oversubscribed, an extra course may be added at the end of July and / or August 2019.

Fees ***

Week 1 - Henrietta Barnett School - £495

Week 2 - Parmiter’s School - £395

Week 3 - Queen Elizabeth’s School - £395

Please remember to select the correct course when you are purchasing.

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If you have any questions, please phone or email using the contact details below.

*** Please read terms and conditions and refund policy in drop down menu above BEFORE booking.

Email: or Telephone: 01727 864192